Other Products
Expansion Joints
          TWe design and manufacture expansion joints to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes.        
          A damper is a valve that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct, chimney, air handler, or other air handling equipment.operation may be manual or automatic.        
Screw Feeder
          Screw conveyor is useful to convey/feed the various dry and free flowing materials at controlled rate.        
Rotary Air Lock Valve
          Rotary air lock valve is used where continuous product discharge is required without leakage & contamination of processing air/gas .        
Slide Gate Valve
          These precisely designes and manufactured slide gate valve efficiently adjusts flow of material .        
Cage Mill
          Cage mill is used to mill the feed/wet cake along with hot process air in continuous mode at large rate.        
Drip Pan Assembly
This is special type of Water Draining Arrangement developed for Silencers. It comes in various Sizes from 50NB to 300NB.
Pallet Mixer
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Design, Manufacture and supply heat transfer equipments for right specification, to appropriate cost with innovative technology for customers delight.