Design Capabilities
Design Strength Competency in Designing of Waste Heat Recovery systems -

Waste Heat Recovery systems for- boilers (1 tph to 200 tph capacity), recuperators (air temp up to 650deg c), Blast furnace ,Steel plants, Thermic fluid heaters etc.

Fired Boilers -
solid, liquid, gases fuel fired (15tph to 80tph capacity).

The company established in 2007 by the Board of Directors having vast experience in design & projects departments with the motive of supplying heat transfer equipments for right specifications, to appropriate cost with innovative technology for customer delight.

Power Plants & Cycle Design -
medium scale (0.5 to 15MW). Thermal-hydraulic balance sheet preparation. Sizing of steam circuit, cooling water circuit,DM water circuit, Fuel and ash circuit, specifications of Boilers, turbines, regeneration system, pollution control equipment’s etc.

Fired Heaters -
API and non- API type for various type of thermic and process fluid heating (2mkcal/hr to 25 mkcal/hr capacity). Mechanical design of cylindrical, cabin type fired heaters for various applications like-thermic fluids heating (liquid, vapor phase), EDC, acetic acid cracking, various process fluid heating, start-up heaters, Naphtha, air, steam, etc heating. Design as per API guidelines or Non API type. Designing of complete structure by CODE guidelines and by STAAD analysis, support design refractory, ceramic design etc. We have experties in Coal fired hot air generation (CFHAG) (up to 700 deg. cel.) Wide metallurgy handled for various applications

Competency in -
Combustion calculations, heat transfer (sizing) calculations, hydraulic calculations, control philosophy ,mechanical CODE calculations, steel structure design & stress analysis, piping design & stress analysis, vibration analysis, refractory & ceramic engineering etc.

Heat Recovery Systems -
Process Integrated - Systems handled in Metallurgical industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum refineries, Petro-chemical industry, Fertilizer industry, incinerators etc. Knowledge of upstream and downstream processes linked with the Process Integrated Boilers. WHRS on waste flue gases of DG sets, Gas turbines, Incinerators, Furnaces etc

Fired Boilers -
Solid fuel fired boilers with Traveling grate, Dumping grate, Pusher grate, Atmospheric Fluidized Bed type combustion system. Solid fuels like- baggase, rice husk, coal, wood, sawdust, bio-mass, etc. Liquid fuels like various types of fuel oils (LDO, HSD, LSHS, kerosene etc). Gases fuel like- bio-gas, Natural gas, Blast furnace gas, CO gas.H2 etc. Burners handled like-pressure jet- air/steam atomized, flat flame etc. Cyclonic combustors for very low calorific value gas fuels like BF gas, CO gas etc. Ash handling systems in wet and dry-(dense phase, lean phase) stage etc. Fuel spreading systems like pneumatic, mechanical, gravity etc. Fuel handling and storing systems for fuels like coal, baggase, rice husk etc. Oil and gas fired boilers-package type and capacity boilers. Special boilers like – working on thermo-syphon principle (no feed pumps), tube in tube construction for wood gasified gas cooling, ones through boiler for oil fields etc.

Dryers –
Dryers on fluidized bed principle for coke, iron ore, sand, slag, tea leafs etc.

Piping engineering –
Piping engineering, lay-outing etc. Stress analysis experience on CEASER II & CAEPIPE package. Lay-outing of complete plants (like ethanol plant (app 1000 lines of various specification and size), ammonia absorption principled chilling plants (majority piping with negative temp, stress analysis for very high temp piping (120 kg/cm2 and 510 deg c) and sizes (up to 36” dia).

Steel structure design -
Steel structure design & engineering by various CODES, fundamentals and analysis on STAAD III/ pro. Handled single steel structure for boiler, heater up to 800 ton. Design of mechanical systems like tall steel chimney (80 m height), fuel bunker (400m3 for coal), feed water storage tank (1500m3), baggase storage chutes etc.

Regeneration systems like -
LP heaters, HP heaters, Deareators, Condensers etc. Designed various equipment’s like economizers, air pre-heaters, capacity Enhancement of working boilers, changing of combustion systems etc. Refractory engineering for cement plant equipment’s, furnaces and heaters. Technical feasibility reports made on Solar Energy based Power plant, and Processed Municipal Solid Waste fuel based Power plants. DPR made for various co-generation plants for Sugar Industry.

Knowledge of –
  • IBR, ASME SEC I, BS 1113, BS 2750, TRD for Boiler design. TEMA for Heat Exchanger design.
  • IS 2825, BS 5500, ASME SEC VIII, AD-MERKBLATTER for Pressure Vessel design. WRC 107 for Nozzle            Load analysis.
  • API 560, API 530 for Fired Heater design.
  • IS 800, BS 459, BS 5950 for Steel Structure design. Good Experience of STAAD 3 software.
  • ASME ANSI B 31.1, B31.3 for piping design. Good experience of CAESAR II & CAPIPE software.
  • Familiar with FEM analysis. Introduced to ANSYS package for Structural analysis and CFX for flow modeling.
  • Static and Dynamic analysis for various Tube Bundle configurations of Boilers and Heaters. (Developed       program).
  • Design & application of Ceramics, Refractory, Insulations, Coatings and Painting etc. Designed and detailed    refractory for cement plant suspension heaters, calciners, various furnaces & fired heaters etc.
  • Boiler and Power plant accessories like- burners, soot blowers, dearator, LP heaters, HP heaters, fans,       pumps, turbines, chemical dosing systems, blow down systems etc.
  • Our Company
    Our Mission
    Design, Manufacture and supply heat transfer equipments for right specification, to appropriate cost with innovative technology for customers delight.