Boiler Accessories and Peripherals
          We design and manufacture silencer for 1. Superheated steam 2. Saturated steam 3. Start up and warm up vents 4. Blow down applications 5. For any other steam vents Our design of silencer is completely customized suitable for customers’ requirements and site conditions. For Silencer design we follow guidelines as per OSHA and basic silencer design is as per ASME sec VIII div. I. We have wide range of silencers from 0.5TPH to 100TPH steam flow and for pressure 2kg/cm2(g) to 150kg/cm2(g).
          Oxygen in feed water is always harmful to boilers it corrodes metal parts.Deaerators are used to remove free Oxygen from boiler feed water performance of Deaerator is depend upon effective method of activity maximum water and steam surface contact with higher time of contact. Our design achieves these requirements very efficiently by planned spray pattern, highly effective scrubbing by multiple tray arrangement and mixing incoming steam with water. We can residual O2 level below 0.007 PPM after deaeration which satisfies requirement of modern high boilers.
Blow Down Tanks (IBT / CBT)
          The blow down water is discharged at high temperature and pressure. When such a liquid is discharged to atmospheric pressure, there is flashing due to sudden reduction in pressure. Therefore the blow tank is provided at the end of blow down line.
LP / HP Heaters
          These are Shell and Tube Type of Heat Exchangers. LP and HP Heat Exchangers means Low Pressure and High Pressure Heat Exchangers respectively. We Design shell and Tube type Heat exchangers as per IBR or TEMA Standard.
HP / LP Dosing Systems
          We design and manufacture LP and HP chemical dosing system in an exclusive manner, which is used in petrochemical, power, fertilizer and other processing industries. The apparatus applied for dosing consists of a preparatory vessel, agitator, metering pumps, interconnecting piping, all mounted on a common skid. In this system the feed water is used with chemical so that there is no scaling inside the boiler. The HP chemical dosing system is used in boiler house, effluent treatment plants, and water treatment plants or in a process where controlled volume feeding of liquid is required.
Non Integral Superheaters
          Super heater super heats the saturated steam coming from Steam drum to reduce the moisture content of steam. The super heater tubes are supported by baffles plates. Super heater is equipped with nozzles for steam inlet outlet, HTF inlet outlet, drain, vent, pressure and level gauges,saddle, lifting hook arrangements etc. 
Economizers (plain,finned,CI gilled tube)
          We design and manufacture economizers based on the available flue gases and the temperature of flue gases. Waste heat recovered from flue gases used for different applications .We design three types of economizers 1) Plain tube 2) Finned tube 3) Gilled tube.                      

Steam Drum
          We design manufacture steam drum for boiler applications.The Steam drum is connected to the Evaporator through risers and down comers which generates the saturated steam which is separated in Steam Drum. The Steam Drum is consisting of Demister Pad to give the saturated dry steam, blow down distribution pipe, chemical dosing distribution pipe. The Drum is provided with the both side manhole and necessary nozzles connections.
Rapping Mechanism
          We design and manufacture coil rapping mechanism for cleaning operation.Coil rapping mechanism is new development to remove soot from coil surface which is exposed to flue gases. This is a very new technique and no steam is required to blow soot like regular soot blowers.                          
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Our Mission
Design, Manufacture and supply heat transfer equipments for right specification, to appropriate cost with innovative technology for customers delight.